topless man in black shorts sitting on black and silver barbell
topless man in black shorts sitting on black and silver barbell

Welcome to AURUSH

We Gamble Responsible has been hard at work coming up with new ways to support you in living a more positive life and improving your health.

We're really excited to share our latest project with you: a new platform, AUSRUSH, designed to help our community members access gym and fitness facilities at discounted rates. While AUSRUSH operates under a different name, it's very much a part of the Gamble Responsible family. This initiative is all about making fitness more affordable, and in turn, helping our community lead healthier, happier lives.

The idea behind AUSRUSH is simple: we believe that financial constraints should not be a hurdle in one's path to fitness and wellbeing. Therefore, we're working diligently on forming partnerships with a range of fitness centers across Australia.

By partnering with these gyms & fitness centers, we hope to secure promo codes or special contracts that can provide our users with savings. Not only does this reduce financial stress, but it also encourages a more active, healthier lifestyle - a key component in overall wellbeing.

In this challenging journey, we invite you to join us as we work towards turning this vision into reality. Keep an eye on our updates for more information on our progress and to find out how you can take advantage of these upcoming offerings.

Remember, a healthier, happier lifestyle is just around the corner, and we at Gamble Responsible and AUSRUSH are here to help you reach it.

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